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Emergency Ambulance Services Number in Amritsar – Jyoti Ambulance

Are you looking for an ambulance service in Amritsar? Contact Jyoti ambulance today. We are one of the most renowned ambulance services and export in dealing with critical patients. Our staff members are highly trained and expert in dealing with an emergency.

We work for a mission that is to save as many lives as possible. We take every responsibility and ensure that no one dies due to a lack of ambulance or on-time service.

Why choose the ambulance service in Amritsar?

In the shortest span of time, we earned a name in our society. Our highly trained staff members and well-equipped ambulance make the preferred choice of many patients. You can contact us at any time of the day. We understand your situation and therefore keep the formalities to be minimum and ensure that you spend more time with your loved one.

Our ambulance has ventilators, ICU facilities, provision of oxygen, and essential life support equipment. We maintain all the hygiene and covid norms issued by the government. Our ambulances are well sanitized and clean.

You can contact us for the ambulance number in Amritsar, and we will reach you within 20 minutes. You are our responsibility, and we make sure you get the best service and treatment.