Jyoti Ambulance Services

Attain Your Leisure Goals by Opting For Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services of Ambulance Services in Patel Nagar

At the face of it, the word ‘leisure’ appears to be misplaced with Ambulance Services in Patel Nagar. However, the fact of the matter is – not each patient inside the ambulance has a sorry state of affairs! At times, due to a doctor’s recommendations, people relocate to a distant city or town. This kind of a need is mostly seen with patients that are advised to take a break for any medical complication, for instance. We at Jyoti Ambulance Services do transport such patients in our well-equipped ambulances.

Choose From a Fleet of Vehicles

Jyoti Ambulance Services does understand different choices and preferences of people. Therefore, in order to keep every person happy, we maintain a wonderful fleet of vehicles. For example, you can select patient transport vehicle, accident & emergency vehicle, 3*3 capable vehicles, and lot more when you choose Ambulance Number in Patel Nagar. These are no ordinary vehicles as they are equipped with state of the art features. For instance, they can accommodate 3-4 members at a time so that the patient does not feel lonely during the journey. In other words, it is capable of accommodating patient groups thereby giving a unique experience to the patient and people accompanying him/her.

Benefit From High Quality Patient Centric Care

Depending upon circumstances of each case, Jyoti Ambulance Services offers amenities and facilities asked for in Private Ambulance in Patel Nagar. For instance, you can opt for ambulances that have the ability to transfer a patient in his/her wheelchair. Similarly, if your patient is bed bound, you can always a wide variety of stretchers that we offer. Let us not forget one thing – these stretchers are tailored in a manner so that it can deal with all kinds of patients’ requirement.