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Looking for best ambulance service in Vikas Puri? Then look no further than Jyoti Ambulance Services. Seeing your loved ones in a medical emergency isn’t something anyone wishes for. Life, however, is a playground full of ups and downs. No one wants to end up, witnessing an accident or unexpected break down due to an illness, but if you do - then - having a presence of mind and calling Ambulance Number in Vikas Puri right on time might help in reducing the impact of the injury and can even end up saving someone’s life.

According to the latest survey, we live in an era where around 15% of accidental deaths in a year happen only due to the late arrival of an ambulance. Today, the ambulance is the most crucial component of an emergency medical service. Ambulances alone are responsible for providing the patient with the appropriate medical help at the earliest. Therefore, we at Jyoti Ambulance Services know that each day people are counting on us to provide them with best-in-the-class life-saving emergency Ambulance Service in Vikas Puri. We also know that you will trust us to move yourself or your loved one to the best available medical facilities.

We strongly believe when it comes to offering emergency ambulance services, we only have one chance to get it right. You can trust us when it comes to picking a patient from the scene of the accident to transporting a critical patient to the medical facility. Jyoti Ambulance Services strives to be the most trusted Ambulance Service in Vikas Puri.

Emergency Ambulance Number Vikas Puri, India

It might come to you as a shock that that thousands of medical emergencies end up in a lives loss only because someone didn’t call an ambulance number Vikas Puri on time. What might not make any sense to you but it’s a general fact that there is a lack of awareness of Emergency Ambulance Number Vikas Puri and the affordability of ambulance services for the general public. One might argue that in the digital era one can simply Google the keyword ambulance service near me when needed, but there are emergencies where every second count and the only option is to dial the number to get an access of an ambulance service near me.

Likewise, affording an ambulance might not be a question for most, but it is equally important for the financially weaker section to get the ambulance services at their disposal. Anyone can dial Ambulance Number Vikas Puri from their phone without any prefix or suffix at the time of an emergency and will get the necessary ambulance assistance. The person calling for the ambulance will be then connected to the service provider, and they will make a note of the nature of the emergency, ask for the required information and will dispatch the appropriate ambulance service at the patient’s point. The information asked by the receiver is necessary to make sure that the ambulance service reaches the patient on time.

Necessary information collected by the caller is-

• The location of the caller, to ascertain the accurate location.
• Type of emergency for which assistant is needed - pregnancy, cardiac arrest, accident, poisoning, etc.
• Generally in case of an accident, condition and number of people injured.
• Name and other contact details of the caller.

Tips to Handle the Situation -

Generally, when accidents happen some bystanders are often the first ones to respond to such situations, even if you reached out for an ambulance service near me, your job is not over. The first aid and other help that you provide the patient before the ambulance arrives might increase the chances of saving his life.

Medical Emergency Tips

Let’s list down some useful tips that might come handy to save the life of an accident victim or a critically ill person -

Keep a first-aid kit handy –

It doesn’t matter if you are the one who needs medical help or simply a bystander you must make sure that you never mix your general medicines with your first aid supplies. Plus, it is important for everyone to have at least a little training in first aid. When it comes to your own family make sure beforehand to tailor the content and the medicine of the kit. Also, periodically checking for expiry dates and restocking supplies as needed is important.

Check signs of external bleeding -

In case an emergency occurs, make sure that you check for the pulse of the patient or the victim first. Once you have confirmed it to be running, ideally check if there are any external bleeding signs. If the victim is profusely bleeding, call the Ambulance number Vikas Puri for ambulance services in Vikas Puri and put something on the wound to stop the bleeding.

Try stabilizing the patient -

Treat the patient with basic first aid care within the first few minutes of the accident. Make sure while treating the patient you remain calm and keep the patient relaxed at the same time. To reduce the chances of further damage and injury keep the patient or victim in a sleeping position. Also, make sure you don’t offer any fluid to the victim in this position as the fluid might restrict breathing, enter the windpipe and cause suffocation. Also, it is never a good idea to bring the person back to consciousness by shaking or slapping.

Best Ambulance Service in Vikas Puri

Whether the emergency refers to a stroke, an accident, or any other serious situation, when it comes to saving a life, the importance of the first few minutes is beyond compare. Having said all this, it becomes absolutely important to call for an Ambulance Service in Vikas Puri immediately. So, in order to minimize injury and loss of life during calamities or accidents, Jyoti Ambulance Services is necessary ensuring that patients today have access to the best quality of emergency services and health care within their budget. People at Jyoti Ambulance Services are committed to equip the ambulances with the latest and the advanced equipment available in the market and make sure they are the first choice when emergency medical services.